Accelerate your

Sustainability performance

Sustainability Business Challenges

Responding to multiple investor requests

Producing reports to respond to investor requests has mostly been adhoc effort with potential for errors

    Inaccurate and Time Consuming Reports

    Annual ESG reports, frameworks like GRI, SASB, regulatory reports like SFDR/PAI, SEC, responding to LPs

    Collecting using messy and complex spreadsheets

    Data Collection is a manual and messy exercise with “Maniac Spreadsheets”

      Continously evolving ESG landscape

      If you are starting out, first you must figure out what metrics you must capture across your portfolio

      Unable to audit or provide assurance

      Auditors need to provide assurance on your ESG data

        Poor departmental experience

        Sites, Plants, Offices, Warehouses collecting  ESG data

        pulsESG – Your Enterprise Sustainability Platform

        Comprehensive cloud application for all your ESG needs AND your sites, plants, offices, retail!

          • pulsESG Catalogs are your repository of ESG Metrics
          • Standards based – SASB, GRI, CDP, DJSI, SFDR, TCFD and more!
          • Easily create all your business specific custom metrics
          • Supports all your industry and vertical specific metrics
          • Full audit trail for each metric update, system or human
          • Upload supporting evidence for each metric update
          • Manage all metrics by periods – months, quarters or years

          Your sites are empowered to respond with accurate data!


          • Each site gets their own environment, and can manage their own ESG catalogs and respond to you!
          • Provide data, clearly identify where data not available and provide an explanation
          • Full access to GHG Scope 1, 2 and 3 calculators
          • Integrate to back end systems such as ERP, HR and SCM
          • Workflow across their facilities and departments
          • Monitor progress and gain insights using powerful analytics!

          Easy, and simple ESG Data Collection

            • Create Data Requests – for your annual, quarterly, monthly data collection
            • Do full collection or subsets of metrics from your firms
            • Internal or external auditors can review all the information
            • Review the Portcos response and ask for revisions if needed
            • Identify validation errors and help capture high quality data
            • 1:1 correlation with the ‘Data Collection’ need & challenge

            Data Destinations with a single click!

              • pulsESG connects to your fund management system and gets fund portco composition
              • Publish sustainability or regulatory reports with a single click!
              • Create LP reports such ILPA or custom
              • SFDR PAI reports with a single click that includes all aggregation
              • Performance extracts, Due Diligence extracts – one click!

              Powerful yet easy to use Analytics


              • Powerful and valuable insights into your ESG data – across periods, funds, portcos, benchmarks … and much much more
              • No extracts necessary – dynamic dashboard – embedded within the platform!

              Goals and Progress Management


              • Set up SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals
              • Set and track multi-year Goals linked to specific metrics
              • Monitor progress using analytics!
              + Many More!